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Moving the Blog to Elixir

I moved my blog from Hugo to a custom Elixir static site generator.

Getting Started Building a Data-driven Business

Making effective use of data is non-trivial. Let me share what worked for us.

Problem Solving

Software creates value by solving problems. But effectively solving problems is hard. How can we get better at it?

Migrating Data When You Never Erase History

Let's explore the considerations necessary when evolving temporal data over time.

It's Just Data Stickers

I designed stickers. Find me at a conference some day or get in touch if you like them!

An Example of How Software Becomes Complicated

Let's write a cache in JavaScript and see what it means to keep things simple.

Ratlog.js – JavaScript Application Logging for Rats, Humans and Machines

I am unsatisfied whenever I have to look at the logs in a Node.js project. Ratlog is an attempt to fix this.

Learn Elixir by Creating a Command Line Application

I'd like to share my experience of getting started with Elixir by writing a simple command line application and introduce the setup for basic Elixir projects.

Why Go for Node.js Developers

This post is an attempt at explaining Go as an alternative to Node.js.

Edit Images on the Command Line With GraphicsMagick

Let's explore how to fulfill your image editing needs right in the terminal.

Use Go Channels to Build a Crawler

Learn how to use channels to model your data flow by building a web crawler in Go.


An introduction to interesting ideas in the React world

CSV Challenge

I created this little experiment to find out about the tools and workflows of other developers.

Create Animated SVG Charts

I built a simple SVG chart including animations without any SVG Javascript library and it's not as difficult as you might think.

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