I designed stickers. Find me at a conference some day or get in touch if you like them!

Photo of stickers on table

They are transparent and die cut.

Even better, you can download the Illustrator files and print your own:


black & white

Feel free to share them, modify them or do anything you like.

The inspiration for the stickers is the concept of how Clojure embraces data as first-class concept to drive everything.

The “Value of Values” talk by Rich Hickey nicely illustrates the bigger picture for this line of thinking:

In a talk actually called “It’s Just Data” Bob Calco shows how to model your system using just data:

And Tommi Reiman gave a talk introducing Malli, which is a library that embraces data schemas to drive everything from testing, validation and error messages to data and UI generation; and the schemas are also just data: